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Combi Baby label nail care set pink

Combi Baby label nail care set pink

NZ$ 63.35

Item #: 4972990126366
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Manufacturer info


Electric nail file set to care for baby's small and thin claws!
2way for baby & mom.
Nail care set with attachments for babies and adults at 2 rotation speeds.
?? Smooth care
360-degree rotation care ensures little catching of nails and does not bother with vibration.
?? With light
You can take care while your baby is sleeping.
?? Two-stage speed and left / right rotation switching
Two-stage speed setting that allows you to choose slow & speed up for babies and slowly for moms. With a rotation switching function that allows easy maintenance of both left and right hands.
?? With storage case
Convenient to go out with a storage case.
* Uses 2 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)


[Target age]
From newborn (0 month)


?yset content?z
Nail care body ... 1
1 storage case
Instruction manual ... 1 copy
Attachments for babies and mothers: 3 types ((soft / medium / hard type paper files)
Attachment for mom (adult): 3 types (shaving disc, surface polishing disc, point polishing file)


?yhow to use?z
?? How to clean your child&#39s nails
(1) Select a suitable sandpaper based on the child&#39s age and nail condition.
(2) Insert the attachment base into the attachment mounting part of the main unit. Push firmly until the end.
(3) Place your child on the guardian&#39s lap, etc., and hold and fix the finger.
(4) Turn on the power switch of the main unit slightly away from the child. The rotation starts immediately.
(5) Gently apply the sandpaper surface of the attachment to the nail of the fixed fingertip. The face is arranged at an angle of about 50-60 degrees to the nail, and the nail shape is adjusted. Please adjust it according to the outline. If you push it too hard or shake it left and right or up and down, you will not be able to arrange it properly.
(6) When you have finished cleaning one nail, turn off the power once. Hold your finger firmly and fix it again, then turn on the power again and start cleaning.
(7) When you have finished cleaning all your nails, turn off the main unit. Please clean away the fine powder around the nails.
(8) Pull out the attachment base from the main unit. Return the main unit and attachment base to their original positions in the dedicated storage case.


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